Who is Rory

So many marketing options these days can get confusing.

Many businesses are going for the tactics before the strategy despite the words of Sun Tzu…

Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat.

You know that having a strategy without tactics and measurement, at the end of the day is really just noise.

And who is the enemy in all this? Well, I offer, it IS noise.

Noise that distorts your message.
Noise to distract your customer.
Noise that creates a blinding mist around your business.

Noise with nothing attached.

So many businesses out there are making noise with nothing attached

I have worked in one of Perth’s first ever web agencies. Ran the production of a Transport and Machinery industry magazine as a junior designer with no teacher. Ran my own print franchise. Worked as a creative director in an advertising firm for 9 years.

I’ve experienced so much in these fields and learned from every wrong turn.

In all that I experienced, there was always one major thing missing. That was strategy.

In all the professional business I worked in, we were making tactics without strategy.

That is the reason I am in business.

We want to help you avoid that.

We guarantee that if you commit to our process in terms of mindset and budget, being accountable to our schedule, yet still do not see results, we’ll consult for free for you until you do.

Our service is not for everyone. It’s not for lone wolves who don’t value experts and flexibility.

Is not for the micromanager or for small thinkers. It’s not for people who don’t see productivity as an asset.

So if you want a partner in strategic oversight who will give you a clear path ahead for your marketing and be with you each step of the way as you grow your business with real measurable results, contact me on 0430 019 262 or email me today.