Break creative block AND be a better parent with this one technique

Sometimes it’s hard to get into your groove.

If I’m on the right track, you’re an artist, a writer, an actor or a musician who is hacking away at a piece of artistry, and going backwards.

When the ideas are flowing it feels like they will come forever. An inexhaustible reservoir of brilliance to be conducted and sculpted into a final, beautiful composition.

But when the mind isn’t right, the atmosphere suffocates. The terrain cracks. The colour fades and the flow dries up, replaced by dust. The breeze when it comes is not cooling. It is blinding and harsh. You breathe in the dust and the oppression fills each once-clear creative vein.

Sometimes when we feel the most oppressed, we may be tempted to relate it to the stresses of being parents. To the stress, the worry, the constant on-the-go grind of meeting our children’s demanding needs.

But artistry is perspective and changing it does wonders.

But first, you need to pause.

Breathe. And then, find 30 minutes a day to wonder at your children in silence.

Examine them when they aren’t aware.

Watch them from afar.

Their creativity will blossom in front of your eyes.

Such magnificence! Naturally emanating from their souls.

With the things they find beautiful. With the things that stop them in their tracks. With the treasures they bring home. With their writing and words. With their drawings and art.

With all their piles of collections.

How your heart and mind will be filled with magic. Watching them compose all these things, into arrangements that cannot be replicated authentically in adult life.

For as adults our creativity can lose its innocence and spark.

It is not imperfect enough.

It is not brave enough.

It is not free enough.

It is not an all original of your new flesh and blood.

Your children are the greatest motivation and inspiration you will ever need.

They will love you for knowing them in detail so fine. They will come to you first. They will call you their safe harbour. They will bring you their sails for the mending. Your connection will strengthen them even when they travel afar.

Your energy the waves they float on, and your buoyancy returns anew.

So marvel in the return of that colour’s flow.

You will want to hold them and thank them. Shower them with sparkling gifts.

Not realising they really don’t want for that much.

Because all they will ever truly need in return… is your TIME.

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