Trade Connex and Solar Connex branding

The TradeConnex logo development is inspired by the concept of the coming together and/or interaction of two willing parties (the company and the individual), each playing an integral part in the other’s success.

Through the geometric, double lines of ‘Trade’ and the crossing, forward-moving arrows of the ‘X’ character, the logo represents structure, speed and the streamlined relationship between two logical co-operators.

Mixing sharp angles with thick curved shapes breaks the mould of what might be considered a conventional design approach where everything matches. This symbolises the fresh, innovative and adaptable approach of TradeConnex.

We originally created the TradeConnex logo and style guide before adapting the logo for the solar specific SolarConnex.

Since then we have created various collateral in various disciplines to give the brand considerable equity and a clear presence in the marketplace.

Further to creating the TradeConnex branding. We were engaged to create an offshoot of the original brand for SolarConnex, a solar industry specific company with a more refined target market.