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More on your investment

The strategy (big picture)

How your ROI works

Core values
we stand by

We live by these values and refuse to to
comprimise on delivering a transparent,
accountable and honest service that
ACTUALLY pays off.

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Building your
store value

so you have an
extremely profitable
exit strategy.


Growing your

into a monthly
cashflow machine as
well as it’s equity.


Doing all
the work

so you can live the
life you want and
build a legacy.

Is done for you,
for you?

Are you a good fit for our Amazon Done For
You investment? If the following relates to you
then it’s very likely a YES.

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You have <br />

You have

but don't want to deal with the
time and hassle of growing a
store on Amazon.

You’d rather <br />

You’d rather

in a small team who's
launched hundreds of
Amazon products.

You want to <br />

You want to

on the fast-growing buyer
base on Amazon, but don't
have time to learn the

You’re serious <br />
about investing

You’re serious
about investing

in the #1 ecommerce
opportunity right now,
leveraging world class sellers.

You would <br />
love to get

You would
love to get

an instant monthly return on
your investment at up to
200% ROI.

You are <br />
looking for

You are
looking for

an investment with a massive
exit opportunity.

You want <br />
to diversify

You want
to diversify

your investments on an
opportunity that can bring you
20% to 30% annual returns.

You want <br />
experts to

You want
experts to

build you a legacy that will
create amazing cashflow, and
true generational wealth.

What is it that
we do for you?

We are different to most agencies as we
are only small, and we go deep with our
clients to build long term relationships,
transparently, and profitably.

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This is not

Dropshipping has ok
margins, sure, but zero
brand value and is against
Amazon TOS.


We do 100%
of the work

You invest and we build,
growing your investment by
leaps and bounds with a
calculated strategy.


We ask the
right questions

to understand your long
term goals and where you
want to be 1, 5, and 10 years
from now.


We show you

you want to see, every step
of the way with you being in
our project management
system with our team.


An original

We use a combo of
wholesale and private label,
revealing our unique
process to build cashflow
and wealth.


World class

We research and define
private label products to
scale your own brand once
cash is flowing, with world
class branding strategies

Why choose
Genie Media as
your investment

We are small, hungry, have real world
experience, and operate with 100%

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We are new so<br />
need to impress

We are new so
need to impress

We only new and just started offering done for you. We need more case studies/testimonials.

We don’t need<br />
myriad clients

We don’t need
myriad clients

We only take on 20 clients ever. We don't make our money from huge admin fees but from deploying your capital at a profit.

You have 24/7<br />
phone support

You have 24/7
phone support

Our small team is available for you around the clock in your own private communication channels or mobile phone

No gatekeepers<br />
to stop you

No gatekeepers
to stop you

You deal with the director of the company. And if Rory isn’t awake, you have the rest of our team at your beckoned call.

We share<br />
the profits

We share
the profits

The more money you make, the more money we make. Our goals are aligned.

60-90% more<br />

60-90% more

Our investment is 60-90% more competitive than large agencies doing similar yet not as advanced work.

Creating brands<br />
for 25 years

Creating brands
for 25 years

I’ve personally designed hundreds and hundreds of brands and have been in marketing for over 25 years

We’ve seen<br />
the ugly side

We’ve seen
the ugly side

Having worked for Amazon’s biggest influencer. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t the hard way

What proof do
we have we can
do this for you?

We can’t share all our results due to IP
security, however here are a few snap
shots for you

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The work.

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our team today

Remember. If we can’t build you a profitable business pacing for 6
figures annual revenue in 3 months, you don’t pay

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