How to upgrade your business’​ thinking and marketing with podcasts

Are you looking for inspiration in 2017?

Want to get your business cranked up but are unsure of how to go about it?

Why not start listening to a series of podcasts relevant to your business? I have recently been subscribing to a whole series of these little gems and the possibilities are endless.

Time to get those creative juices flowing and that mind ticking over. Here are 3 great reasons to start listening to podcasts every day.

1) Podcasts are compact and bite sized.

A good podcast breaks information down into bite-sized portions, making it easier to remember and communicate or share with your colleagues. The format assists our cognitive process of sorting knowledge into related fields, therefore our brains will automatically refer to this knowledge and recall in times where it is useful i.e. when you are discussing your business with a potential client.

2) Podcasts are a great source of ideas for content creation.

As podcasts are bite-sized and lead on to other related podcasts in many cases, you can be creative about your interpretation and how you share it with your colleagues. Think about how you could communicate what you have learned in a podcast. There are various ways of doing this. You can design a shareable infographicFacebook canvas or SnapChat story. Publish a quick facebook or periscope live video for your clients. Write blog post. Create an instructional video on Youtube. Come up with a relevant educational webinar to add value. Or you could do your own podcast talking about the podcast you listened to.

3) Podcasts are a brilliant way of leveraging time.

On any given day you have only a certain amount of hours to dedicate to your work before it’s time to switch off for some quality time with the family. The latest podcast I listened to this morning had 7 tips for giving your business a boost in 2017. It was a 20-minute podcast that provided a wealth of knowledge I can apply to my business right now. By combining business education with exercise, I get more done in one day. Learning and education, staying with latest trends and listening to experts, is an imperative cog in your business’ success. You can run podcasts in the background at work when doing a menial task, in the car through your Bluetooth in that 45-minute drive to work, or your morning run, walk or ride. The great thing about combining exercise and study together is that each one compliments the other.

In the case of your drive to work or menial task, you get the entertainment the work done as well as the learning.

In the case of your exercise, endorphins plus learning = burning.

Plutarch once said…

‘the mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled’.

So fill your head with the stuff you want to know. And burn the rest away.

Here are some that I am currently listening to:

What are your favourite business podcasts? Please leave your comments below.

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