Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Finding a Good Virtual Assistant (VA) for Amazon FBA


To provide a clear and comprehensive guide on recruiting, evaluating, and hiring a competent Virtual Assistant (VA) for managing Amazon FBA tasks, with an emphasis on ensuring they provide accurate SKU Economics and not misleading sales graphs.


This SOP is intended for use by all team members involved in the hiring process for Amazon FBA VAs. It covers the entire process from job posting to final selection.


  • HR Team: Create job postings, screen candidates, and coordinate interviews.
  • Hiring Manager: Conduct interviews, evaluate candidates, and make final hiring decisions.
  • Onboarding Team: Facilitate the onboarding process and provide necessary training.


1. Job Posting

1.1. Create Job Description

  • Content:
    • Job Title: Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant
    • Job Overview: Outline key responsibilities such as product research, inventory management, order processing, and customer service.
    • Key Requirements:
      • Proven experience with Amazon FBA
      • Strong understanding of SKU Economics
      • Proficiency in tools like Helium 10, Jungle Scout, and Amazon Seller Central
      • Excellent communication and organizational skills
      • Ability to provide accurate data and reports, not misleading sales graphs

1.2. Post Job Description

  • Platforms: Upwork, Freelancer,, LinkedIn
  • Steps:
    • Post the job description on selected platforms.
    • Promote the job posting through social media and professional networks.

2. Candidate Screening

2.1. Review Applications

  • Criteria:
    • Relevant experience and skills
    • Strong understanding of SKU Economics
    • Positive feedback from previous clients or employers2.2. Initial Screening
  • Tools: Email, Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Steps:
    • Send a screening questionnaire to shortlisted candidates.
    • Evaluate responses to ensure candidates meet the basic requirements.

3. Interviews

3.1. Schedule Interviews

  • Tools: Google Calendar, Zoom, Microsoft Teams
  • Steps:
    • Schedule initial interviews with shortlisted candidates.
    • Prepare interview questions focusing on Amazon FBA experience and understanding of SKU Economics.

3.2. Conduct Interviews

  • Questions:
    • Describe your experience with Amazon FBA.
    • How do you ensure accurate SKU Economics in your reports?
    • Can you provide examples of how you’ve improved SKU profitability for previous clients?
    • How do you avoid misleading sales graphs?
    • Which tools do you use for product research and inventory management?

4. Evaluation

4.1. Assess Candidates

  • Criteria:
    • Proven track record with Amazon FBA
    • Strong analytical skills and understanding of SKU Economics
    • Ability to provide accurate data and avoid misleading sales graphs
    • Technical proficiency in relevant tools

4.2. Test Task

  • Steps:
    • Assign a test task related to SKU Economics.
    • Evaluate the candidate’s ability to accurately analyze and report on SKU performance.

5. Reference Checks

5.1. Contact References

  • Steps:
    • Request references from the candidate’s previous clients or employers.
    • Contact references to verify the candidate’s experience and performance.

5.2. Verify Information

  • Steps:
    • Confirm the candidate’s skills in SKU Economics and ability to provide accurate reports.
    • Ensure the candidate has a history of avoiding misleading sales graphs.

6. Final Selection

6.1. Review Evaluations

  • Steps:
    • Review interview notes, test task results, and reference feedback.
    • Compare candidates based on their qualifications and performance.

6.2. Make Decision

  • Steps:
    • Select the candidate who best meets the requirements and demonstrates a strong understanding of SKU Economics.
    • Notify the selected candidate and discuss terms of employment.

7. Onboarding

7.1. Prepare Onboarding Materials

  • Content:
    • Company policies and procedures
    • Training materials on Amazon FBA and SKU Economics
    • Access to necessary tools and resources

7.2. Conduct Onboarding

  • Steps:
    • Introduce the new VA to the team.
    • Provide training on company-specific processes and expectations.
    • Ensure the VA understands the importance of accurate SKU Economics and avoiding misleading sales graphs.

8. Ongoing Performance Monitoring

8.1. Set Performance Metrics

  • Metrics:
    • Accuracy of SKU Economics reports
    • Quality of data analysis and insights
    • Adherence to company standards and policies

8.2. Regular Reviews

  • Steps:
    • Conduct regular performance reviews to assess the VA’s work.
    • Provide feedback and additional training as needed to maintain high standards.


Revision History

  • Version 1.0: Initial SOP release.
  • Version 1.1: Updated screening and evaluation criteria.

By following this SOP, our team can ensure a structured and effective approach to hiring a competent VA for Amazon FBA, ensuring accurate SKU Economics and reliable performance.

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