The marketing manager is dead – 7 reasons for the marketing agency

The marketing manager is dead. So why are people still employing them?

I believe the desire for an in-house marketing manager comes from the need for accessibility and ease of collaboration. Possibly also so the business can amortise costs across the year.

Marketing managers cost:

  • Around $60k and up p/a
  • + Super p/a
  • + Holidays p/a
  • + Projects p/a – let’s say you spend $3k on average for one project per month. That is $36k

This costs a business too much. And if the marketing manager is not what they promise to be, is snowed under, or doesn’t do their job properly, they may leave for a better offer without any results without necessarily having a contingency or marketing plan in place for your business. All the knowledge just walks out the door.

This doesn’t suit the marketing manager either. They could be getting double or triple the rate through private consulting as opposed to being an employee. Okay, I get it – many just want a steady job and steady work. Security. However, that security will always be based around the sustained growth and success of the employer. Marketing managers who are good at what they do, yet are paid on salary, are actually devaluing their own expertise.

Performing a full business discovery with our agency and writing a strategic marketing plan is a far better approach than hiring an in house marketing manager. 

Here are 7 reasons why you should hire our agency to grow your business:

1) We understanding the why of your business.

We establish Why the organisation exists – not the What and How but the Why?

  • What does the organisation do?
  • How does the organisation and its services or products benefit its targeted customers?

2) We perform a situational analysis of your business

We evaluate the external and internal factors that impact on the business. We do this by:

  • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation – (SWOT or similar exercises are utilised to assist this process)
  • Discovering the businesses competitors and analysing what they are doing
  • Performing a brand and marketing collateral audit

3) We workshop marketing assumptions and define marketing objectives

We perform a business discovery workshop at your office and work with your owners, leaders and key staff to determine basic elements of what key marketing success will look like. This leads to establishing business assumptions based on specific potential marketing activity.

We determine quantitative, measurable targets (e.g. revenue/profit/sales or market share) and allocate timelines and KPI’s for each objective. We investigate product or service development and/or enhancement and investigate new market opportunities.

4) We write a strategic marketing plan to meet the defined objectives

This is the key module of the offering and presents a huge amount of value for success of any ambitious business.

It includes:

  • Reaching out to selected target markets – identifying, describing and quantifying
  • Analysis of geographical and socioeconomic attributes of the target markets
  • Analysis of purchasing habits by end user
  • Determination of pricing strategy
  • Determination of distribution strategy
  • Identifying how the target markets prefer to receive information
  • Creating implementation tactics for reach and influence
  • Identifying the marketing tool kit for communications/advertising/promotions
  • Creative brief preparation for collateral activity
  • Analysis of internal resources and culture for meeting the negotiated marketing objectives
  • Evaluation for measuring performance against objectives

5) We offer high level support for implementation of the plan

We work closely and collaboratively with business owners and leaders to achieve and report on successful outcomes.

We achieve this by:

  • Determining allocation of resources, internal and external to facilitate plan
  • Establishing timelines for implementation of the plan’s components
  • Rolling out the action plan
  • Setting up reporting functions

6) We reduce your marketing costs and mitigate risk while achieving better success

The cost for a strategic marketing plan for your business is between $7k – $20k (depending on the size of the business and amount of discovery, research work and collaboration involved). This is opposed to the salary of $60k and upwards for an in-house employee who may or may not implement any sort of plan and may get a better offer (or convenient one in the future).

  • Sans Super p/a
  • Sans Holidays p/a
  • Sans Risk p/a
  • With a team of experts in every marketing and creative discipline behind you, who’s own business’success… is built on yours

7) We can amortise your costs across the year

Through a negotiated on-boarding fee followed by a monthly retainer fee, we can spread your costs across the year so you don’t have to output a huge sum of cash and impact on your cash-flow. At the end of the day, any good marketing manager needs to conduct projects and this will always be an associated cost of strategically growing your business. But the in-house marketing manager is going to cost a bundle and we believe we have the expertise, experience and motivation to perform the tasks on a marketing manager for a much greater ROI for your business.

Why do people still hire marketing managers when the marketing manager is dead? What have I missed?

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