Pursuing successful outcomes for our clients since 2006

Genie Media is a network based advertising agency that collaborates with creative specialists and strategic thinkers in every advertising and marketing field. Based on the scope of work required, our creative network has the solution – bringing a modular, thought leading, flexible, results focused and always fresh approach to creative advertising and marketing initiatives.

Our vision is to restore the faith in the branding and marketing process through affordable creative and strategic communication solutions that result in a true return on investment for our clients.

To identify, analyse, understand and design routes to market, building brands and creating solutions that deliver true, measurable results for our clients.

We believe that understanding the consumer’s thought process and making the consumer the hero of the story is the key to effective storytelling and subsequently better branding.

We believe that our responsibility is to work closely, collaboratively and from a position of support and trust with our clients. We are here to play the role of a friend and supporting guide in your heroic story. We want you to succeed!

We value the bigger picture with an understanding that full solutions require detail and nuance. We pursue free thinking partnered with context and relevance as our pathway to successful outcomes.

We learn about your business in detail. We ask questions. We understand your challenges. We get to know what you know.

We eliminate wasted time and money through pointless initiatives and focus on what is relevant to your industry and proven to work. We customise a plan encompassing relevant communication platforms for engaging with the consumer. 

We execute creative and strategic communication on the designated platforms of the plan, each project focused on delivering on its specific designated outcomes.

We work together with our clients to report on and refine our approach based on the results, encouraging and communicating every step of the way.