About Us

Genie Media is a network based advertising agency that collaborates with creative specialists and strategic thinkers in every advertising and marketing field. Based on the scope of work required, our creative network has the solution – bringing a modular, thought leading, flexible, results focused and always fresh approach to creative advertising and marketing initiatives.

Rory Mouttet
Creative and Managing Director

Thank you for viewing my website. I am Rory and I am the owner and creative/managing director at Genie Media.

I believe in sound strategy, understanding the consumers thought process, making the consumer the hero in the story, eliminating noise around your message for clarity, and stunning yet nuanced, in context execution. For me, this is the key to effective advertising and brand management.

My dream is to build Genie Media into a flexible, modular, diverse, low overhead (and as such better value) business where we bring together the right people from our growing network – strategic minds, creative thinkers and talented artists of every discipline – to create beautiful and effective communication projects that work to grow your business.

I have over 20 years’ experience in corporate design and branding as a creative director, graphic artist and also as a UI and UX front end designer. Additionally I manage all Visual, UX and UI design as well as the production and analysis of the all Genie Media website projects.

I take the lead role in all projects and am your sole point of contact the majority of the time. My love for corporate and creative logo and identity design, art direction and project management combined with my long term operation in this industry has helped me build many valuable and long lasting friendships with my clients. I believe trust, collaborating together with my clients (whom I consider my friends) and delivering a return on investment for them is the key to all our successful relationships.

I have many, trusted supplier contacts in China, Hong Kong and The Philippines, along with many local Australian suppliers.

Call me anytime for a no obligation catch-up on 0430 019 262.